Our Sopranos

Our sopranos bring a beauty and sweetness to our music that we think will absolutely delight you. Please read on to learn about these talented musicians.



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Ina Laughing Winds MlekushIna Laughing Winds MlekushWhen I was about 9 years old, living in Burbank, California, I tried out for the Mickey Mouse Club Show. I had taken tap, ballet and acrobatics but no voice training. I insisted on singing Davy Crockett, rather poorly. Needless to say I did not make the cut. My family moved to Balboa Island in Newport Beach, California. In junior high school I started singing with my 4 string guitar on the seawall of Balboa Island where I was raised. I eventually graduated to a guitar singing 60’s folk music. I still have both of those instruments today, along with the family piano.

In Jr. College I took voice lessons both in school and privately. Many years later after leaving college, marrying and returning to collage as a single mom, I started attending Cal State Fullerton and a metaphysical church where once again I sang with my guitar for services, weddings and my son. He is 43 now and still remembers me singing to him.

Cal State Fullerton was my first Choir experience. I continued on with a master’s degree in psychology, as I could not support my son and I with a singing career.

At age 54, after many years of living in Arizona, and happily married, I had to sing and took private lessons for a few years to hone my vocal instrument. At the age of 65 I auditioned for the Arizona Music Fest Choir as a soprano and began my voice training again. One hundred strong, we performed Brahms Requiem and In Paradisum by Dan Forrest in 2013 with a full orchestra. It was magnificent. In 2014, as a Soprano 1, with 60-voice choir, we performed Leos Janacek’s Msa Glagolskaja with Anton Bruckner’s Psalm 150 with a full professional orchestra. Janacek was challenging. My father would be proud of me as he played trumpet in vaudeville and later in the San Fernando Valley symphony orchestra.

Singing energizes me at a soul spiritual level. I feel my heart open and my energy starts to fly. All things are possible in life when I sing. The classical music honed my skills but it is not the music I love to sing.

I discovered Carolyn Eynon Singers and auditioned this year. I was gratefully accepted and this is my first year singing this type of music.

By the way, I am also a competitive hand-gun shooter.

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