The concert was a delight.  We loved the historical data and music.  Thank you for including us in the donor dinner. The food was great especially the ribs and the Ziti!.

Best of luck in the continuation of the Carolyn Eynon Singers.

Debra & Jim Larson

Wow! Wow! Wow!!! Thank you so much! The concert was phenomenal!!! The dinner was delicious! You are beautiful inside and out! Everyone shined!

Jim and I so enjoyed! Thank you again and again and again for inviting us. We are honored.

Many, many, many, many thanks for ALL you do!


Carolyn, your concert today was really outstanding and fun too. It brought back so many happy memories of my childhood with my parents playing so many of these songs that you performed today. My girlfriend and I really enjoyed the concert. Thank you so much for doing an outstanding job.


Super concert yesterday with great music selections.  Thanks for the memories.  WWIl never stops revealing hidden stories does it.  Looking forward to next season. 


Run – don’t walk to scoop up your tickets to experience the mesmerizing sounds of the Carolyn Eynon Singers! I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Christmas concert and was so impressed by the talented blend of voices and musicality I immediately put all their published future concert dates on my calendar. Carolyn is such an energetic presence on the podium as she draws such rich and glorious tones from the ensemble. If you enjoy a thoughtfully curated selection of pieces, sung by an outstanding group of talented musicians, then do not sleep on their next concert! Bravo CE Singers for sharing your amazing gifts with our community!


Thanks for the Concert Tickets. We have an Amazing group....

Tom & Joan

That was one of the best ones ever>>>> so enjoyable

And they looked like they were having such fun..


Hello Carolyn:

The Sunday performance of the Carolyn Eynon Singers was magnificent.  The singing, participants, setting and acoustics were excellent.

Thank you for the invitation and bringing the program to Carefree. It was the perfect way to draw a close to our Veterans Day weekend.

Best regards,
John Crane
Vice Mayor, Town of Carefree

John Crane

Wow!  The Carolyn Eynon Singers really enjoy performing! Every member demonstrates that they love what they're doing. Terrific enthusiasm....


Most enjoyable concert. My husband loved the variety of selections and introductory comments as well. Have a very Blessed Christmas Season

Rosmary and George

Wow, Carolyn!  Richard should’ve been there...well, maybe he was.  An overflow crowd, great music, a diverse fit Spirit in the Desert and it fit Richard’s personality.  Thanks to everyone involved! It was a big hit with all 10 of my guests.

P Piper

Madame Director

Thanks soooooo much for sharing the photos.  Some great memories there.   It was indeed a wonderful event and  really appreciate the opportunity to have  been a small part of the program.

You and your singers certainly do it right.  Very professional!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

God Bless


Hi Carolyn,

This is Pam Saunders, my husband Brent and I are eight o’clockers at CTL, and we want you to know how you and your singers made a wonderful day for us! We sat in the first row, right behind the pianist, and we loved the music and the entire program. Also, thank you for the CD, I listened to it today on the way to bible study and it includes some wonderful selections. Your husband was a nice addition to the show.

I bet your arms were tired today, ha ha.

Looking forward to your Christmas concert honoring our friend Richard Anderson.  

Pam & Brent Saunders

Thank you, Carolyn. It was pleasure to play with your group. I'm very impressed at how good they are! 


Thank you for inviting me.  It certainly was a pleasure to speak before a concert of the Carolyn Eynon Singers.

Sheldon Winkler

I just wanted to thank you, Pat, the children of the Scottsdale Boys and Girls Club, and the choir for all of your hard work on Til Min Mor. It was a delight to be able to be present at the concert - which was really a great display of talent. Thank you for including me and for inviting me to write a piece for the choir.  

Anne Kilstofte
Beautiful,enjoyable evening of champagne & chocolate! Sipping on a cocktail listening to some great vocals and enjoying the company of others,bid on a few great raffles and made a great memory! What a fun time :-)
Jennifer Swan

Phenomenal concert Carolyn Eynon!  


I thought the whole concert was one of the most emotionally moving I have attended. The duet from West Side Story was breathtaking. I loved the variety of the selections and you can tell what joy the singers have in presenting them. And the master of ceremonies had such a beautiful voice both speaking and singing. Keep up the wonderful work. I hope you find an energetic president. You are a very special person in my life.  


Simply wonderful show yesterday!  


Hi Carolyn,

I just have to say what wonderful occasion we all experienced yesterday at our concert.

It was pretty special, indeed.

I want to thank you and acknowledge the vision you and Mary Sue had, way back when, which became reality yesterday, climaxing in our memorable Christmas program.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your vision. I very much enjoyed it. The friendliness and warmth of your fine singers, to a person, was also much, much appreciated.

Wishing you and Dennis a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.  


Hi Carolyn,

Your group was outstanding on Sunday! The voices were so beautifully blended, and your choices were inspiring, heartwarming, upbeat, and truly joyful. I saw smiling faces as I scanned the guests, along with heads bobbing in time to the rhythm of your songs. What a wonderful way to close our afternoon, at an event dedicated to a worthy cause. You gave everyone the GIFT of a room filled with beautiful music.

Though our tea committee won’t meet until January, I believe I can speak for them to express our appreciation for your delightful program. Kudos to your singers…and to you!

I’m really sorry, though, to hear about the issues with your lighting. Thanks for sharing what happened. I know Gail can follow up with the Hyatt, as they should be aware of the snag. For sure, it’s an indication of true professionalism that you simply rolled with it and made it work.

You’re right about the huge preparations for such an event like our tea. Yikes!!! But I’m guessing the hours you devote to rehearsal are fairly mind-boggling. Thankfully we all love what we’re doing!

I’m so happy I heard your concert at TCA back in 2016, and that you said “yes” to Duet in 2018. Bless you!!!


Sandra Tignor

Madam Director

All I can say is WOW!! You hit it out of the park this afternoon. Loved that concert and was glad I was finally in town for this one. What a treat. You are amazing. Great selection of songs performed with your high standard of excellence. Thanks for inviting us.

Saw Paul in the audience and recognized Andy in the group. Most of the rest are new since my participation days but you have the knack of finding the good ones.

Sorry we could not stick around to thank you in person --- as we had another event to get to. I do miss being part of your group and when my life slows down a bit, will try to work my way back in. Love to sing and your singers are the best.

Sorry to miss the May event as we will be in Nashville for our airplane convention.

Again, sincere appreciation for including us. Keep up the great work.

God Bless



 Good morning, Carolyn!

Congratulations ???What a stupendous concert yesterday!!! Thank you for inviting me as one of your musicians, I had terrific time with you and your singers, and looking forward to play music under your Paton again.

Wish you have a tremendous and restful summer.


For choral music lovers, Carolyn Eynon Singers gave us a real feast in the March concerts. Superb ensemble singing, great soloists, music familiar and new. High point of the afternoon for me was the Dan Forrest "Requiem for the Living" with orchestra. Kudos to Carolyn for courage to program this superb, challenging work. We were richly rewarded. She brings out the best in her musicians who sing from their hearts.

Stephen Crosby

Music of the Soul was our second concert - truly breathtaking! "Requiem for the Living" was absolutely spectacular. The orchestra was a great addition.

We're totally sold on Carolyn's group!! Buy your tickets now - you won't be disappointed!!

Ian & MJ

 Hi Carolyn,

I didn't get to tell you just how much I enjoyed the concert tonight. I really loved the combined works and appreciated the difficulty of your choir's solo numbers. They did a fantastic job and you must be pleased. The Requiem was so well done and so different from others I've heard. I am sure it is because it was for the living. What a different take. I think watching you conduct with such passion gave me as much pleasure as hearing the music. Thank you, your choirs and orchestra for giving a memorable program.

I was happy to see your collaboration with PCC. I have great respect for Ron Carpenter and PCC. My middle daughter sang under him for one year before deciding she couldn't do that and club sports at the same time. Good call as both required a lot of commitment of time and energy. It was a wonderfully enriching year of music for her. That year they traveled to Hermosillo Mexico, a sister city to Phoenix. I was lucky to go along as a chaperone.

All the best to you in the final concerts of your season and congratulations on Carnegie Hall. What an honor and an achievement! Thank you for the opportunity to sing as a united voice at the close of your concert. One can not underestimate the importance of music and arts to a civilized society.

Name withheld by request


I just want to congratulate you on your wonderful concert yesterday — and my opinion was obviously shared by the rest of audience, as well! It was great — the music was wonderful, and the performers did a wonderful job, individually, as separate choirs, and as the combined instrumental and vocal group.

Hurray for you all!


It was a spiritual experience your voices. Thank you for sharing your talent with the John C. Lincoln community. Thank you for going out of your way to bring words of joy and peace to the hearts and minds of patients, families and staff. Thank you Andy and Rex for this wonderful gift.

Ana R. Higbee-Barzola, M.Div, BCC
Chaplain Services Coordinator
Honor Health John C. Lincoln Medical Center

Ana R. Higbee-Barzola

Thank you, Carolyn, for a moment of grace yesterday. Nice to have the opportunity to better know the singers. Lovely people.

I'll send another reminder to our Art Renaissance "constituency" regarding your coming concert in Carefree. See you next Saturday.